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Mongolia is the last frontier of ancient nomad culture, amazing landscapes and wilderness. It is the most sparsely populated country in the world and 18th largest by land. Mongolia is known for Gobi desert but not widely known fact is that it also has high mountain peaks with glaciers, endless rolling hills, vast steppes, lush river basins and rocky almost alien like lime stone formations. Sparsely populated wilderness and pristine rivers teaming with fish; river banks are perfect for fly fishing without thick or high vegetation or cliffs, just walk up or down the stream for hours on end angling – undiscovered paradise of anglers!!! 

Mystic Mongolia Team offering you unique chance to do what you love, experience different culture and make unforgettable memories all in one! Mongolia has so much to offer and we are excited to share our passion with you and inviting you to explore the many mysteries of Mongolia with us! we will show you hidden places off the beaten track, we will take care of you from the moment you land, we will work tirelessly to make your Tour with us a tale to tell your grandchildren one day but better yet, come back again, be the true nomad with us!

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Tetsuro Shimizu , Japan

人間的にも温厚で優しく気遣いのある青年でしたので僕はすぐにニャムゲレルくんを気に入り、モンゴル国内のあちこちから中国取材(北京を始め、内モンゴル自治区や新疆)などで何度もアシスタントとして活躍してもらいました。 ニャムゲレルくんの実家はウランバートルから約100km離れたところにあり、ご両親やご兄弟は遊牧民をしています。皆とても親切にしてくれるので、僕は本格的な取材が終わった後の余暇はいつもそこでのんびりと時間を送らせてもらっています。みなさんも遊牧体験をしてみたいときには相談してみてはいかがでしょうか。今回、ニャムゲレルくんが旅行会社を設立しましたが、これまで共に旅してきた中では不安や心配要素は特になく、彼の細かな気遣いにより、予期せぬアクシデントやトラブルを回避したり、安心して切り抜けてきたことも多々あります。ぜひ大船に乗ったつもりでお願いしてみたらいかがでしょうか。写真家・清水哲朗

Hui-E & Moh , Singapure

We had Nyamaa as our photography guide last October. He was very knowledgeable in providing local insights into the subject matter, responsive to our questions and always available to help with questions, from technical settings to exposure and composition. What sets him apart is his can-do attitude and kind demeanour. You're never afraid to ask questions.
Why Choose us
  • Mystic Mongolia is born out of passion for Fishing and Photography in Mongolia, we love our country and it's beauty and we want to share it with you and take you to secret places off the beaten tracks for the exclusive trip of your life!
  • We operate with high standards and high quality (high quality equipment, high quality transport, small group size, proffessional photographer will guide photo tours, member of sports fishing assosiation of Mongolia with 15 years of experience will guide fishing tours) in order to guarantee you have quality time with us
  • We know how important the details are so we pay attention to details to make your trip is unforgettable cause we thought of everything*!
  • We are here for you, from the first click till your departure we will be with you every step of the way via all means available (e-mail, phone, skype, live chat or in person).
  • We support local people, local economy and travel responsibly

Explore the Mystery
Come and Explore the many Mysteries this great land of nomads holds, unseen, untouched… yet to be discovered, experienced, tasted and maybe saved forever in your mind (or by your DSLR)

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